A Name By Any Other…..

It takes some time for customers to get to know you. When you first meet, there is skepticism, on both sides. You know you are a qualified pest management professional, but the customer doesn’t. The customer knows the facility needs, you don’t. Trust has to be built between the facility staff and you. Week byContinue reading “A Name By Any Other…..”

Messy Hair, Don’t Care – safety moment

I am female. I own fancy clothes, that I rarely wear. I am most comfortable in jeans and a T-shirt. I bite my nails. I’ve only had make-up on my face 3 times in my life. I have a motorcycle license. I own a 4-wheeler. I like bugs. I like them better when they areContinue reading “Messy Hair, Don’t Care – safety moment”

Stepping Up, Stepping Out

I’ve been using a fitness tracker for several years. Mostly to track my food and my sleep. I’ve done well with these functions, but it has occurred to me that my beloved fitness tracker might have usefulness beyond what the manufacturer intended. ============= I’m servicing a warehouse. Counting steps between pheromones – 37, 38, 39,Continue reading “Stepping Up, Stepping Out”

Who Do You Think You Are?!

I’ve been asked many times what makes me qualified to assess the insect situation. This usually happens when I am new to an existing customer or facility. That customer doesn’t know me, so they don’t trust me ….yet. I don’t mind explaining how I came to my conclusions. I’ll be happy to tell you, too.Continue reading “Who Do You Think You Are?!”