Inspections And Insurance

Your bank requires insurance on your home and auto if you hold a loan with them. You take the time to invoice all your valuables so insurance policies will cover damage and losses of said items. That fancy smart watch on your wrist comes with a manufacturer’s warranty if there are defects. You bought theContinue reading “Inspections And Insurance”

Cookies & Trivia- Meet & Greet

While the husband went deer hunting, I was getting ready for a local small business event where I am able to promote my business. I am still growing my client list, and these public encounters really help. I had all of my swag and marketing materials boxed up. It was the usual stuff – pens,Continue reading “Cookies & Trivia- Meet & Greet”


What’s something you do every day that is so natural you barely know you’re involved in the activity? For me, it’s opening and closing the refrigerator door a thousand times a day. Not because I’m hungry. It’s more about boredom. This behavior started as a kid to annoy my mom. I still wonder, “Does theContinue reading “IT’S ALL ABOUT THE FOOD”