Changing Jobs Can Change Lives

Have you ever asked yourself, “Why am I doing this job? Am I making a difference?” Is your choice of work just “work”, or do you love what you are doing? How did you choose your job? My love of insects wasn’t always love. I really had to grow into it. My first insect experienceContinue reading “Changing Jobs Can Change Lives”

There Is a Difference

I found this blog post by Cooper Pest in New Jersey. I feel that it explains the difference between an Exterminator and a Pest Control person. Kudos to the writer. Pest Control vs. Exterminators … What’s the difference? Posted by: Cooper Pest What exactly is an exterminator and how does it differ from a pestContinue reading “There Is a Difference”

Kill Me With Kindness

I am sharing a post, with permission, from a Facebook group – Bug Identification and Discussion. Thank you to Sara Beth and Piucca Byrd for granting the republication of this. When I read this post, it was a harsh eye opener that not everyone is a fan of decimating, destroying, eradicating, controlling, and killingContinue reading “Kill Me With Kindness”