I Can See Clearly Now- Safety Moment

It’s been awhile since we’ve done a Safety Talk. From the stats, I know how you all love those. Safety is a necessary part of our daily pest service. Personal Protective Equipment is a MUST! All of the labels for the pesticides and rodenticides we use have PPE requirements. Have you actually read those labels?Continue reading “I Can See Clearly Now- Safety Moment”

Let Me Tell You Something…

You were adamant about not wanting to spend money – again. You thought the Do It Yourself products from the home supply store were the answer. You kept applying those store bought pesticides, but somehow, you never quite got a handle on your pest situation. I know – it’s infuriating. So… you took the plungeContinue reading “Let Me Tell You Something…”

Tornados & Rodents: Emergency Plan

It’s the middle of Winter! Why do we need to hear the tornado siren in the 1st Monday of the month? Tornadoes are unlikely this time of year, but possible. So our community tests the siren. During that trial run of a low, dull, whi…whi….whining sound of the siren, I tend to ignore the noise.Continue reading “Tornados & Rodents: Emergency Plan”