The APL of My Eye

As I am gathering training information, I am thinking about customer approved pesticide lists (APL), and why they exist. These are designed by corporate pest control managers, and given to pest control operators. Many large, and small, companies have them.

Corporate Sanitation Managers/ Quality Managers / Pest Control Managers spend countless hours researching the best products suitable for use in their facilities. BUT WHY?

These companies want the pest management firm they hire to have the best advantage at handling any pest issue that arises. It, also, lets the PCO maintain the preventative measures.

After being a licensed PMP for more than a decade, it finally dawned on me that my customer ACTUALLY wants to help me. I thought my sole job was to help THEM. Wow! What an eye-opener. I’m going to take my new found information to heart.


While studying for my A.C.E., I learned a lot about the IRAC chart and Modes of Action. I learned that a quality rotation of pesticides can make a huge impact on insect levels. I never put 2 & 2 together when it came to that coveted APL.

When in the course of my IPM program it becomes necessary to use a pesticide, rodenticide, fogging agent, or fumigant, I will use the customer Approved Pesticide List to my advantage.

Well played, Dear Customer. WELL PLAYED.

Published by Melisa Arnold, A.C.E.

My career in pest management began while working in a flour mill as the “in-house” technician in 2008. I am certified in multiple states. I began working full time as a fumigation-pest control tech in 2010. I achieved my Associate Certified Entomologist (ACE) in 2018. I have a Master Tech certification from Kansas State University/Kansas Pest Control Association. I hold a Bat Management certification from NWCOA. Every day, I realize how much I DON’T KNOW. My goal for this blog is to share my every day experiences from the field and to make us all think outside the box for solutions to make pest control make sense.

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