There Will Be Some Fallout

“I will be happy to come remedy your insect issues, but here is your warning….. I am not going to politely shoo them outside. There will be bodies: some laying dead on your kitchen floor, some running for a safe place, and some you will never see. One thing is certain – you WILL notice insects, bugs, and critters, that you never knew you had.”

Does this conversation sound familiar? Anyone? (Bueller? Bueller?) Oh, never mind.


After I have done a pesticide application, these are my words to the client. “There is gonna be some fallout. Give this residual spray some time to dry. About 30 minutes. You should be good to go. When you see the dead insects, sweep them up or vacuum. Empty the dustpan and the vacuum in the trash OUTSIDE. You don’t want those eggs or larva in reproducing your kitchen trash can.”


(Look on the customer’s face) Because they never thought of that

(Look on my face) Because I just gave them new found knowledge

Call me if you need anything else. Have a great week.

Published by Melisa Arnold, A.C.E.

My career in pest management began while working in a flour mill as the “in-house” technician in 2008. I am certified in multiple states. I began working full time as a fumigation-pest control tech in 2010. I achieved my Associate Certified Entomologist (ACE) in 2018. I have a Master Tech certification from Kansas State University/Kansas Pest Control Association. I hold a Bat Management certification from NWCOA. Every day, I realize how much I DON’T KNOW. My goal for this blog is to share my every day experiences from the field and to make us all think outside the box for solutions to make pest control make sense.

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