What A Tangled Web We Weave

I have never taken a martial arts class. Well, not in a classroom setting. I have, however, done some very ninja-like moves in the middle of my pest control route. I know ALL of you starting to smile.

Huntsman Spider

Spiders and humans have to co-exist. Both species have beneficial qualities. I know. I know… some of you will disagree. Michelle, hold your opinion until the end.


Have you ever wondered why spiders pick particular places to build webs? Me too. It seems like they always put them within my line of sight…even though I never see them. I don’t have arachnophobia, but it’s a nuisance to have to pull spider webs off of my head and face.

I did some homework to find out how Mr. and Mrs. Spider picks the perfect location to build a food catching net. I was pretty certain that those locations weren’t just random, but carefully selected. And… I was correct.

Mama Wolfie

Different species of spiders build different types of webs. Not all spiders build webs, but they have the ability to spin silk. One thing is true – all web site building is determined by environmental factors. Webs are built to catch prey. Even the spider has to eat. It might not be equivalent to humans grilling a steak, but protein makes for a strong existence.

Green Lynx Spider


Humans and spiders really do need to coexist. Those 8-legged beings are helping with pest control. They are in or near structures because there is an abundance of insect food for them. I know, I know… I am supposed to rid properties of bugs. Well, if you will let me do my IPM razzle dazzle, with a little bit of magic insecticide potion, I can control those little bits of protein that spiders call food. If there is no food, there are no spiders.



I try to get some exercise in a few time a week, but nothing compares to some of the ninja-like moves I have done because of my walking through a masses of spider webs. I liken it to fighting my way out of a paper bag. A single strand of webbing is actually stronger than a strand of steel it’s same size.

On the days I don’t wear a hat, I get to clean webbing out of my ponytail, off of my safety glasses and my face. I often chew gum, so I have eaten a few webs, too.

Orb Weaver


The husband uses a 4-wheeler at his bow club to set up targets. This 33 acre plot of land has quite the array of insects, bees, and of course, spiders. He and his bow and arrow buddies got tired of spider webs being in their sight path, so they installed web-catchers on the front of all the ATVs. They are made out of old reflector poles and look like antennas. My first thought was, “That looks dumb.” But it’s really genius! No more spider web spearmint gum for me… and I am OK with that.

Braly says, “Papa’s 4-wheeler no spiders.”

Published by Melisa Arnold, A.C.E.

My career in pest management began while working in a flour mill as the “in-house” technician in 2008. I am certified in multiple states. I began working full time as a fumigation-pest control tech in 2010. I achieved my Associate Certified Entomologist (ACE) in 2018. I have a Master Tech certification from Kansas State University/Kansas Pest Control Association. I hold a Bat Management certification from NWCOA. Every day, I realize how much I DON’T KNOW. My goal for this blog is to share my every day experiences from the field and to make us all think outside the box for solutions to make pest control make sense.

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