Different Job, Same Process

My husband is a welder and fabrication specialist by trade. He has 40 years of experience. As I watch him set up tools and equipment to make a metal frame for an archery target, I think about how his process is the same as pest management. He is using his own integrated management. I amContinue reading “Different Job, Same Process”

I Am Well Groomed….I Think

My resume reads like a laundry list of knowledge within the pest control industry. I am a certified applicator with licensing in five states. My name graces certificates such as Associate Certified Entomologist, Master Technician, NWCOA Certified Structural Bat Management Professional. I am Quality Pro certified. Whew! That’s a lot of laundry. ================ Every timeContinue reading “I Am Well Groomed….I Think”

When The Cat’s Away….

As a pest control professional, I am diligent about proper storage, cleaning, and not having clutter. Sometimes, I forget that I need to do exclusion, or residual sprays in my own home. I have bait stations on the exterior of my house and garage. When I get home from a day of servicing accounts, IContinue reading “When The Cat’s Away….”

T-O-X-I-C Bait

Driving between accounts, I will notice commercial properties that have bait stations on the exterior. I’ve been a pest control service specialist for more than a decade, and can usually identify what company placed those bait stations. Sometimes it’s a major player, sometimes it’s the local independent folks. There are some differences, but when properlyContinue reading “T-O-X-I-C Bait”