I Have No Filter – Part 2

My mind is still racing from the last post. Yours, too? Good. Let’s keep going. Maybe a little slower this time. >>>>>>>>>>>>> When you start inspections at your accounts do you look at the filters in the HVAC systems? No? Why not? You look at them in your own home. Well……..? Those systems are designedContinue reading “I Have No Filter – Part 2”

Dust Off Those Boots – safety moment

In the course of my pest control work, I am required to wear many types of personal protective equipment (PPE). I have talked about how the hard hat is NOT my favorite. I am not a fan of wearing shoes either. I kick them off as soon as I get home. I know steel toedContinue reading “Dust Off Those Boots – safety moment”

This Is A Test, Only A Test

I want to warn you…. Do not talk about bugs within earshot of me. I will become part of the conversation, whether or not you approve. A couple of warehouse associates were made aware of this fact recently. ::::::::::::::::::::::: I was completing a service, mostly minding my own business. I am listening to noises fromContinue reading “This Is A Test, Only A Test”