When The Cat’s Away….

As a pest control professional, I am diligent about proper storage, cleaning, and not having clutter. Sometimes, I forget that I need to do exclusion, or residual sprays in my own home. I have bait stations on the exterior of my house and garage. When I get home from a day of servicing accounts, IContinue reading “When The Cat’s Away….”

T-O-X-I-C Bait

Driving between accounts, I will notice commercial properties that have bait stations on the exterior. I’ve been a pest control service specialist for more than a decade, and can usually identify what company placed those bait stations. Sometimes it’s a major player, sometimes it’s the local independent folks. There are some differences, but when properlyContinue reading “T-O-X-I-C Bait”

Open Letter To Pest Management Customers

I would like to thank you for your business. I put food on my table, clothes on my back, and a roof over my head when you hire me for your pest control needs. I enjoy all of the conversations about anything and everything. I am here to help you, so let us embrace thisContinue reading “Open Letter To Pest Management Customers”

It’s An Ear Worm Not An Earwig

Occasionally , I work with a teammate, but, One Can Be The Loneliest Number when servicing accounts by myself. I can solve all the world’s problems One Way Or Another. At times, a random song comes into my head that relates to the task at hand. I have been caught by customers dancing in theContinue reading “It’s An Ear Worm Not An Earwig”

A Name By Any Other…..

It takes some time for customers to get to know you. When you first meet, there is skepticism, on both sides. You know you are a qualified pest management professional, but the customer doesn’t. The customer knows the facility needs, you don’t. Trust has to be built between the facility staff and you. Week byContinue reading “A Name By Any Other…..”