I Will Phone A Friend

I know I am a pest control professional. I can handle pest issues that most people wouldn’t touch, but I don’t like reptiles or amphibians. That’s why I have a friend on speed dial. 🐢🐍🦎🐢🐍🦎 Michelle and I became friends when we worked together for a previous company. We quickly found we were both quirky,Continue reading “I Will Phone A Friend”

Safety Isn’t Random

I have been Employee 1090847, Employee 20321206, Employee 277563, and many others. What do all of these have in common? I am still an employee responsible for safety, no matter who I am working for or where I am doing the work. PERSONAL PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT Some of those E- numbers had me using pesticides. TheContinue reading “Safety Isn’t Random”

Lawful Labeling

Are you learning some tidbits about pesticide safety ? Are you taking it to heart? Are you teaching safety to others? I hope so. Let’s reinforce some more pesticide safety by understanding the label. Pesticides, insecticides, bug spray, rodenticide, mouse bait, or any other name those products are called, can have some dire consequences whenContinue reading “Lawful Labeling”

I Readily Accept Change

MODE – OF – ACTION. Pest control professionals talk about this when choosing chemical eradication and maintenance for pests. I’ll bet you didn’t consider that your doctor uses the same systematic thinking when prescribing medication for illness. By a show of hands, How Many Of You Know What It Means?🙋‍♀️ Let’s break it down. MODEContinue reading “I Readily Accept Change”