Endangered Species

When looking at CEU information for my applicator licensing, I came across the EPA Endangered Species website. I had no idea that some pesticide labels instruct the Certified Applicator to refer to this. It is meant to protect all things considered to be “going out of style”… well, extinct. There are 93 insects in thisContinue reading “Endangered Species”

What A Tangled Web We Weave

I have never taken a martial arts class. Well, not in a classroom setting. I have, however, done some very ninja-like moves in the middle of my pest control route. I know ALL of you starting to smile. Spiders and humans have to co-exist. Both species have beneficial qualities. I know. I know… some ofContinue reading “What A Tangled Web We Weave”

Changing Jobs Can Change Lives

Have you ever asked yourself, “Why am I doing this job? Am I making a difference?” Is your choice of work just “work”, or do you love what you are doing? How did you choose your job? My love of insects wasn’t always love. I really had to grow into it. My first insect experienceContinue reading “Changing Jobs Can Change Lives”

There Is a Difference

I found this blog post by Cooper Pest in New Jersey. I feel that it explains the difference between an Exterminator and a Pest Control person. Kudos to the writer. Pest Control vs. Exterminators … What’s the difference? Posted by: Cooper Pest What exactly is an exterminator and how does it differ from a pestContinue reading “There Is a Difference”