I Think I ACE’d The Lottery

Have you ever won the lottery? I’m not talking about small potatoes money on a scratch card. I’m asking…. the REALLY big one? I haven’t either. Well, maybe not in the sense that I received actual money. I did have, what I could guess is, that same type of endorphins running through me when IContinue reading “I Think I ACE’d The Lottery”

Good Help Is Hard To Find

During my tenure as a pest control manager, I had to hire employees. This is a tedious process at best. Place the ad. Shuffle through resumes. Interview candidates. Check references. Set a start date for paperwork. I am tired just writing about it. But wait….. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ‘Twas the Friday before Christmas……I had seven interviews scheduled.Continue reading “Good Help Is Hard To Find”

Holding Out For A Hero

Who is your hero? You’ve probably got more than one. Superman? Your favorite high school teacher? A football coach? Your parents? Your best friend? A police officer? A pest control technician? A PEST CONTROL TECHNICIAN. That’s right. I said it. ❤️🐜🐝🐞🕷🦋🦗🦟🐛🦎🦇 To those individuals, to those companies, to those single parents, to those who liveContinue reading “Holding Out For A Hero”