Sanitation Is For The Birds

Shout out to Sara Thibadeau, Sales at Bird Buffer, for providing the information for this post. BIRD OBSERVATIONS I am not necessarily a bird watcher, but I do think they are interesting creatures. I find it fascinating that birds, somewhat, defy gravity. Wings spread out to the sides, coasting effortlessly through the sky. I knowContinue reading “Sanitation Is For The Birds”

First In, Last To Leave

Ever feel like you are stuck in a revolving door? No, I’m not talking about your daily pest control schedule. I’m talking about that ever elusive pest problem you’re having trouble getting solved for a customer. Callback after callback, inspection after inspection, keeps you scratching your head. Ants to the left. Mice to the right.Continue reading “First In, Last To Leave”

It’s NOT Casual Friday

Do Not Hire A Pest Control Company! Does reading that statement make you mad? Does that statement make you think I am crazy? Does that statement even make sense? I’ll give you a minute…… Be A Person YOU Can Trust As pest control professionals, we want customers. We want them to be repeat customers. WeContinue reading “It’s NOT Casual Friday”