First In, Last To Leave

Ever feel like you are stuck in a revolving door? No, I’m not talking about your daily pest control schedule. I’m talking about that ever elusive pest problem you’re having trouble getting solved for a customer. Callback after callback, inspection after inspection, keeps you scratching your head. Ants to the left. Mice to the right.Continue reading “First In, Last To Leave”

What’s In The Bait Station?

I need to remind myself not to get nonchalant when servicing bait stations. I know I do a great job cleaning, adding rodenticide, and recording the information. I get in a groove listening to the music blaring in my headphones. At times, I turn into the trap checker. That has come to bite me aContinue reading “What’s In The Bait Station?”

I Will Phone A Friend

I know I am a pest control professional. I can handle pest issues that most people wouldn’t touch, but I don’t like reptiles or amphibians. That’s why I have a friend on speed dial. 🐢🐍🦎🐢🐍🦎 Michelle and I became friends when we worked together for a previous company. We quickly found we were both quirky,Continue reading “I Will Phone A Friend”

Safety Isn’t Random

I have been Employee 1090847, Employee 20321206, Employee 277563, and many others. What do all of these have in common? I am still an employee responsible for safety, no matter who I am working for or where I am doing the work. PERSONAL PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT Some of those E- numbers had me using pesticides. TheContinue reading “Safety Isn’t Random”