Bed Bugs: Not Just Pillow Padding

I know reading that title is making you cringe. I’m a little squeamish myself. When thinking about the apple seed sized insects, the first place pest control operators look for bed bugs is on the bed. That’s the typical place to find them, but they had to come from somewhere else. Right? TAKE A BREATHContinue reading “Bed Bugs: Not Just Pillow Padding”

There’s A Fly In My Soup

I have customers in some really small communities. I’m sure you do too. Those customers are hometown friendly…. to everyone. Those small town folks take pride in making their communities better for themselves, for their neighbors, and for us. I’m not talking about the “pest control” us, but we as visitors. FOOD TALKS I wasContinue reading “There’s A Fly In My Soup”

Sanitation Is For The Birds

Shout out to Sara Thibadeau, Sales at Bird Buffer, for providing the information for this post. BIRD OBSERVATIONS I am not necessarily a bird watcher, but I do think they are interesting creatures. I find it fascinating that birds, somewhat, defy gravity. Wings spread out to the sides, coasting effortlessly through the sky. I knowContinue reading “Sanitation Is For The Birds”